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Last updated: August 3rd, 2006

Picture of the Day
August 2006

Click on each image to see a larger version.
Most pictures are available in even higher resolution. Please let me know if you want one or more in a higher resolution.
Most pictures are copyright 2006-8, Michael Thomsen. Please do not use any picture without written permission.
Contact me here: http://mtech.dk/thomsen/contact.php

August 1st - Midway in front, two Nemitz class air craft carriers in the background

August 2nd - This is the position of the guy who was in charge of the landings. If a problem occured, he were to jump into padded area

August 3rd - This is the fresnel lens system used for the pilot to see if he is at the correct approach angle. The green lamps are always visible, the line in the middle shows if the pilot is above or below the correct line.

August 4th - A sea king helicopter used to pick up some of the Apollo astronauts (8, 10, 11, 12 and 13)

August 5th - View from the flight control tower

August 6th - Smoke over the San Gabriel mountains

August 7th - View from Strawberry Peak

August 8th - Huntington Gardens

August 9th - A scenic view from Huntington Gardens

August 10th - Another scenic view from Huntington Gardens.
This is from the Japaneese garden

August 11th - Flowers at Huntington Gardens

August 12th - The antenna on the Galileo spacecraft (to Jupiter), as it is thought to look after a deployment failure that limited the bandwidth to 1/1000 of the designed.

August 13th - Venice beach, LA

August 14th - Surfers at Venice beach

August 15th - View over Santa Barbara

August 16th - Another scenic view form Huntington Gardens

August 17th - View over Redondo beach, LA

August 18th - Yet another scenic view form Huntington Gardens

August 19th - Squirrel hiding from the camera

August 20th - Palos Verdes lighthouse

August 21st - T5 vs Meade RCX400 setup while running in sync at the powerhouse at Palomar Mountain

August 22nd - One of the few canals left in Venice Beach. A rich guy was attempting to recreate the real Venice, but he ran out of money before it was finished

August 23rd - Ridiculous boat of the month. Seen in Marina Del Ray

August 24th - Ocean palm trees

August 25th - The Pacific coast near Palos Verdes

August 26th - Lake flower

August 27th - View up the coast. Redondo beach is visible behind the point

August 28th - Ocean view over house roofs

August 29th - Entrance to Marina Del Ray

August 30th - Lost flower