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Programmers Corner

Borland Pascal:
Appending resources to the end of an .exe file.
This page explains how you can add resources to the end of an .exe file, including the special .BGI graphics drivers. The method used uses an automatic approach so you don't have to do anything special when you recompile your program.

Runtime Error 200 running a Pascal program on fast systems (PII 266+).
This description of the Borland Pascal bug includes several different solutions to the problem, including a Patch program which everybody can use on a compiled executeable file.

The Pentium-F0 bug.
This is a description of the Pentium-F0 bug, including full source of a program which tests for the bug.

A tiny number printing routine.
This compact assembly-routine prints numbers in hex, decimal, octal or binary. It's only 21 source lines, and compiles to approximately 30 bytes!

How to use the Invalid Opcode Exception interrupt.
This program shows how you can use the Invalid Opcode Exception introduced with the 80286 Intel processor. It uses the CPUID-instruction for the purpose.

Useful Links:
Intel Secrets by Robert W. Collin (now owned by Dr. Dobbs)
Do you want to know, what Intel don't want you to know?
I highly recommand that you try the Pentium Pro / Pentium II bug - page. Yet another reason for buying the K6 from AMD. :)

SWAG (Sourceware Archive Group) is a cool collection of Pascal source. If you're programming pascal you'll NEED a copy of this. The only reason not to download it is the size of the complete archive: apx: 8 megs.

Ralf Browns Interruptlist
This is an (almost) complete list of available interrupts. BIOS, DOS as well as other programs uses of them. The archive include lists of ports, cmos, opcodes, bugs in the 8086-family (quite many!), and a memory map.
Futhermore there has been made converters, so it can be viewed in many different hypertext-editors. This includes: Norton Guide, Borland Pascal Help, Windows Help, and many more.