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Last updated: October 3rd, 2006

Picture of the Day
October 2006

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Most pictures are available in even higher resolution. Please let me know if you want one or more in a higher resolution.
Most pictures are copyright 2006-8, Michael Thomsen. Please do not use any picture without written permission.
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October 1st - This is from the worlds largest open-pit mine. Compare the size of the tires to the cars...

October 2nd - ...those tires are mounted on this truck. It must be huge - not to mention the catapiller next to it!

October 3rd - View over Zion Canyon, Zion NP, from Observation Point. Breathtaking! This is by far the most scenic hike I've done for many years

October 4th - About 6 miles up a narrow, winding road you meet these signs. Almost irresistible!

October 5th - From Balboa Zoo

October 6th - From Balboa Zoo

October 7th - I think this one must be the wierdest creature I've ever seen. Apparently they live in India

October 8th - Tar pits. They are digging out tons of bones here. Funny thing is this is in the middle of LA!

October 9th - Exposition Park, LA

October 10th - LA skyline at sunset (from the I-110)

October 11th - Mount Baden Powel from the west. Because the SR2 is nearly permanently closed, this hike became a bit long

October 12th - Home of the Osbournes

October 13th - Downtown LA (Broadway). Rather shabby...

October 14th - ...but also a good location for movies and commercials

October 15th - Funny car of the month

October 16th - Filming helicopters over Downtown LA

October 17th - From Crystal Cave, Sequoia NP. These formations are not stalactite, but leftovers from the rock. This one looks a bit like Starship Enterprise.

October 18th - Crystal Cave was carved in marble. That is generally not obvious, but this stream makes the marble stand out in a fantastic way.

October 19th - Hi there

October 20th - General Sherman - largest tree by volume

October 21th - A small Sequioa grove

October 22nd - View from Moro Rock, Sequioa NP towards the Sierra Nevada mountains

October 23rd - View from Sentinel Dome, Yosemite NP, towards Half Dome. The mountain in the background, slightly to the right of Half Dome is Vogelsang Peak. We hiked there a few days later

October 24th - View into Yosemite Valley

October 25th - Sun is setting on a mountain near Vogelsang Campground, where we camped for a night. Amazingly there is still snow in the end of September!

October 26th - Hiking near Vogelsang Lake. Vogelsang Peak is in the background to the right

October 27th - View from Vogelsang Peak towards North Dome and Sentinel Dome (the grey rock "in the middle of the forest"). Note that the Costal Range is visible over the haze of the vally in the background!

October 28th - On top of Vogelsang Peak

October 29th - Camping near Emerie Lake. Vogelsang Peak is the top to the left of the pointy thing

October 30th - I have never seen such a dense crowd of wind mills before

October 31st - Funny license plate of the month. Apparently they don't have temporary plates for new cars in California