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Last updated: December 28th, 2002
HP Book 5

Harry Potter
Why HP and the Philosophers Stone, the movie, isn't as great as the book
It's a great movie, but it lacks some very important scenes - 10 additional minutes and it would have been perfect. Shame on Chris Colombus, the producer and - especially - the screen writer, Steve Kloves. Also the DVD is way too expansive in Denmark (it's cheaper to purchase the uk edition from amazon.co.uk even when postage is included!).

Why the "Special Features DVD" stinks
An excellent example of how not to do it.

Contradictions and mistakes (Philosophers Stone)
This section discusses some of the mistakes in the movie (cinematic), and book / movie mistakes. Also explanations of other "mistakes" that are not really mistakes are listed.

HP theories for the future books
This is my theories for the next books, most of them are somewhat different than those you see on the Harry Potter Fan sites. Also the main plot is discussed.

The real Philosopher's Stone
The Philosopher's Stone, Nicolas Flamel and Pernelle (his wife) are more real than most people think. This is also the reason that it's a shame that the american title was changed to The Sourcer's Stone.
Books of Magic
JKR's inspiration for Harry Potter?
Timothy Hunter not only looks like Harry Potter, he is also whirled into a magic world at the age of 11, and he is going to fight an evil something too.

Interesting Links
This is just one Harry Potter fan site among many, but it is frequently updated, and contains loads of theories for the future books.

The Unofficial Books of Magic Index
Want to know more about the 'copy-cat'? Then hit the link.