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Last updated: July 20th, 2021

Corona Virus

Vaccines Overview
I've collected the below data mostly for my own amusemment, because it is difficult to keep track of all the data. It is based on data I have gathered from what I consider reputable sources. However they are not necessarily from peer reviewed scientific papers, but often from a general news media. Also note that I am not a scientist in this field, so use with care.

South African
(B. / P.1)
Contagiousness 1.0 1.3-1.7 ? claimed up to 3.0 ?
Mutations *) - N501Y E484K N501Y, E484K L452R / E484Q
Additional information info info info info
Vaccine Origin Type
Approved by EU Price per Dose a)
US/Germany mRNA 95% 4) 93.7%
(50% @3w)
~31% 3) Likely ~31% 88% 1)
(36% @3w)
Yes (2020-12-21) USD 10-20
EUR 12 (EU)
Moderna US mRNA 94% ? ? ? ? Yes (2021-01-06) USD 10-50
USD 18 (EU)
Oxford/AstraZeneca UK/Sweden Viral vector,
adenovirus ChAdOx1
76% 66%
(50% @3w)
10% 2) Likely ~10% 67%
(30% @3w)
Yes (2021-01-29) USD 3-4
EUR 1.78 (EU)
Johnson & Johnson US Viral vector;
adenovirus 26
66% ? 57% 1) Likely ~57% ? Yes (2021-03-11) USD 10
USD 8.50 (EU)
Novavax US Protein based 96% 86% 60% Likely ~60% ? Under rolling review USD 16
CureVac Germany mRNA ~50% ? ? ? ? On pause due to poor performance EUR 10 (EU)
Sputnik V Russia Viral vector;
adenovirus 5 and 26
~90% ? ? 99% (85% @2w) ? Under rolling review USD 10
China Inactivated SARS‑Cov‑2 ~50% ? ? ? ? Under rolling review USD 30-60
Vidprevtyn (Sanofi/GSK) France/UK Protein based ~95% ? ? ? ? Under rolling review EUR 7,56 (EU)
Sinopharm China Inactivated SARS‑Cov‑2 Claimed ~80% ? ? ? ? No USD 19-36
Covaxin India Inactivated SARS‑Cov‑2 ? ? ? ? ? No USD ~4

If two efficacy values are shown the first is two weeks after both shots, and the one in paranthesis is a number of weeks after the first shot. For instance "@3w" means 3 weeks after the first shot.

For comparison flu vaccines are typically 29% to 48% effective.

Note *: N501Y is linked to higher contagiousness; E484K is likely evading antibodies from previous strains (and current vaccines). Source and source.

Note a: (EU) is the price for the EU region. Other price ranges are what other regions are paying.

Note 1: At least for the Johnson & Johnson trial in South Africa, though the vaccine was less efficient at preventing all sympthoms, severe cases requiring hospitalizations was very low. So it still offers strong protection, however it likely does not prevent contamination from person to person. The same seems to be true for the Pfizer vaccine against the Indian version, as an Israeli study seems to suggest that it is only 64% effective against mild to moderate cases, but 93% effective against severe cases.

Note 2: The comments under note 1 likely also apply to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, although trials have indicated only 10-22% effectiveness against mild-to-moderate cases. Source (Reuters) and source (The Guardian).

Note 3: The comments under note 1 likely also apply source (Reuters). Also note that there are reports suggesting that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has high efficacy against the South African strain, while other reports suggest the exact opposite.

Note 4: This study from Israel shows how remarkably efficient the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is against A. infections, B. Symptoms, C. Hospitalization, D. Severe cases, and E. Death: New England Journal of Medicine, especially figure 2.

Additional Sources

Additional Information
It seems overweight is associated with severity of covid-19 and the need for hospital treatment:

For obese people (BMI > 30) there is 200 to 240% increased odds for developing severe Covid-19. They are 2-5 times more likely to need of intensive care, 3-6 times more likely to need respirator, 3-6 times more likely to die.

For overweight people (BMI of 25 to 30) there is 67 to 84% increased odds for developing severe Covid-19.

Source (World Obesity Federation)

Likewise it seems that physical inactivity is associated with a higher risk (about double) for severe Covid-19:

Source (British Journal of Sports Medicine)

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