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Last updated: February 13th, 2009
Wierd Stuff

TOP 5:

Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
Explore an Abandoned Missile Base. This is one of the best web-pages I have ever seen.

Amazing Flash Animations - Really!
This guy have done some great flash animations, including a music video of the Billy Joel classic "We Didn't Start the Fire". Also watch his Guide to the English Language, but be warned, it contains some fucking great language.

(At one point in time the site moved, and the english flash file is not available on the new site, but I think it is the same author.)

The Blue Flash Coaster - a backyard coaster
This guy actually build a roller coaster in his backyard! It's complete with a loop, safety belt, etc. He says something about being tired of the lines in the amusement parks - wonder how much time he spend building it? Check out the video!

Damn Interesting
The title of the website says it all. It's damn interesting, containing essays about all kinds of issues, including natural, science and technology. A few examples are about a combined tank and airplane, monster rogue waves, and The Crypt of Civilization, or did you ever hear about the Sky Hook?

More Wal*Mart receipts than you...
Isn't it exciting that people put all kinds of crappy useless information on the internet? The joy reaches new heights when it is done with a meticulousness which I could not have imagined before I saw this site.

Ok, unfortunately the site has been removed from the original location, and is no longer updated, but fortunately the Internet Archive has a backup running at this address.

The Webtender
This is one of the most useful webpages ever made! The Webtender is an On-Line bartender where you can learn how to mix a B-52 in 6 different ways or so. You can also find a way to remove the taste of the terrible Ouzo you bought on your last trip to Greeze.

Other websites I've been involved in setting up:

A/B Ved Engen
Website for the cooperative housing association where I live.

ADAMA - Advanced Airway Management
A project which flew on the 37th ESA Professional Parablic Flight Campaign back in June 2004.

Palomar Seeing Monitor
Although currently down, this site normally contains the data from the two seeing monitors based on combined MASS-DIMM instruments located at the Palomar Observatory in California.