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Last updated: November 3rd, 2006

Picture of the Day
November 2006

Click on each image to see a larger version.
Most pictures are available in even higher resolution. Please let me know if you want one or more in a higher resolution.
Most pictures are copyright 2006-8, Michael Thomsen. Please do not use any picture without written permission.
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November 1st - Ridiculous car of the month

November 2nd - Flower from Huntington Gardens

November 3rd - Set from the Warner Brothers backlot

November 4th - Everything is fake (Warner Brothers backlot)

November 5th - Note that on the horisontal pipe the rain water is running horisontally!

November 6th - Hollywood sign

November 7th - Griffith Observatory

November 8th - Getty Center - Palos Verdes in the background

November 9th - Getty Center

November 10th - Downtown LA by night

November 11th - New aluminium on the Palomar 200" primary mirror

November 12th - This is the analog "computer" which managed the tracking in the good old days. It is basically an analog clock with a lot of switches

November 13th - So this (and several similar) is the reasons that SR39 is closed

November 14th - Painter in Huntington Gardens

November 15th - Sun watch in Huntington Gardens

November 16th - Hiking the Hollywood Sign - Yes it is possible - and legal, although a lot of signs (and guide books) tell differently!

November 17th - Though you're not allowed to go down and touch the sign. Supposedly someone is monitoring all these cameras, and in case you do are ready to yell at you

November 18th - Getty Villa court yard

November 19th - Getty Villa main garden

November 20th - Baker Dam, Joshua Tree NP. When there are not too many tourists it is really quite peaceful around here

November 21th - Bill Keys home for 60 years in the middle of the desert

November 22nd - This is his and his family's house

November 23rd - An old truck he used to run equipment, mounting a belt on the rear tires. Note the chain running the rear wheels

November 24th - An oasis in the middle of the desert. There are a few small springs in the area providing enough water to support a lot of life

November 25th - Cactus in the desert

November 26th - It is actually a small forest of cactus

November 27th - A ten stamp mill, also in the middle of the desert

November 28th - Cool car of the month! Well actually this is the coolest car I've ever seen

November 29th - A good reason that SR2 is closed

November 30th - In fact here both lanes have disappeared