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Last updated: June 1st, 2006

Picture of the Day
June 2006

Click on each image to see a larger version.
Most pictures are available in even higher resolution. Please let me know if you want one or more in a higher resolution.
Most pictures are copyright 2006-8, Michael Thomsen. Please do not use any picture without written permission.
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June 1st - View to the east of Long Beach beach

June 2nd - View to the west of Long Beach beach and towards downtown Long Beach

June 3rd - Guys fishing at the Long Beach Peer

June 4th - Sunday palms

June 5th - Ridiculous car of the month!

June 6th - Just some nice flowers

June 7th - A 1:1 model of the RTGs used on Galileo, Cassini and other deep space missions. It is a simple electrical generator which obtains its power from radioactive decay. It is presently the only viable energy source for deep space missions.

June 8th - Aero-gel, also known as "solid smoke". It contains about 99% air, which makes it very light.

June 9th - Aero-gel is made as the same material as glass (silicon). Even though it is very strong (it can hold about 2000 times it's own weight), it is also fragile and can easily break.

June 10th - These satellites are mounted on an air-hockey style platform, which allows it to easily move around. It is used to test constellation control algorithms (I wonder why they don't do that on a computer). I my oppinion these would be great for demonstrations at science fairs and museums!

June 11th - The actual Stardust return capsule

June 12th - Mechanical workshop at JPL. Would be nice to have access to this!

June 13th - Small Mars rover concept

June 14th - This is the robot one of the ISU guys is working on. It's supposed to be a delivery truck on the Moon (and possibly on Antarctica)

June 15th - A proper magnetic test area :)

June 16th - Kodac Theater with Mann's Chinese Theater just a little further down the street.

June 17th - Is it just a coincidence, that none of the stars in front of the US Army Recruitment Center have been assigned?

June 18th - Tallest building on campus (it's the library)

June 19th - Fountain at campus

June 20th - Campus with mountains in the background

June 21st - For once the weather is clear enough to get a picture of the mountains from campus

June 22nd - Evening palm

June 23rd - Queen Mary with a Russian submarine in front
(both ridiculously overprized museums (don't go!))

June 24th - Queen Mary deck with view

June 25th - Queen Mary deck

June 26th - Queen Mary propeller

June 27th - View from Signal Hill towards the LA harbours. Queen Mary is located a little left of the white dome

June 28th - View from Signal Hill towards the south (the Pacific is visible in the background). Note the money-machines spread over the place!

June 29th - View from Signal Hill towards the east. I don't even want to know the price of these houses

June 30th - View from Signal Hill towards the beach of Long Beach (downtown is quite a bit further to the right) with the Pacific in the background