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Hugo thanks
14-10-15 21:30:10

Thanks!! You are great master! this page is very helpful for beginners like me.
Shikhar CubeSat's List
03-01-14 21:42:42

I admire your efforts in assembling the information in just one list. Thanks a lot.
Kriss S. thx
25-04-13 01:02:30

Thx Brother
xfdq just to say thanks.
13-12-12 13:55:20

thanks for the info.it is very helpful for beginners like me.
Ravi helpful
22-12-11 07:39:08

...great job, very helpful for getting information on cubesat missions all over the world

Ravi Thakur
Richard need more
06-12-11 05:23:52

This is great. I wish you could keep it up.
Add some advertising, facebook links, twitter.....
and all your time :)

I am looking up the presentation of cohesive chuncks of data from earth monitoring satellites. I want it all in one interactive platform, but interagency firewalls seem to get in the way. NOAA's SoS and NASA's Blue Marble are good first efforts, with SoS being more in line with what I was thinking. I envision this being available with real time and historical data (all data from all satellites and other sources) to all government employees at their desks. It should be user manipulatable too. See the YouTube video of A Day Made of Glass by Corning.

Anyway, thanks for the info.
Paul Great site .
24-09-11 02:19:39

Will return lot now I know you are here.
Alex Great job
10-08-11 02:34:36

hi,mike, thank you alot for jobs about cubesat mission, it's very useful!hope for the up-to-date version!
John Smith Awesome Job
19-03-11 02:17:16

Great work! This site saved me a TON of time. Much appreciation.
Namei HELP and THanks
09-03-11 09:10:52

Hey...this really is great and now I need an update for the real great job u`ve started! How did u do that? i need some helep here:( oh I forgot to mention i need it ASAP! my email address: tayebeh.n89@gmail.com
Tony Lumbwe Very good
09-02-11 16:06:13

Great job! All I can say.
23-07-10 19:38:35

Hello Mike!!
You have done a great job of culling all the info about Cubesats and all other details that even the very own designers/ groups have failed to propagate. Kudos to you !!

I do understand the time spent gleaning the websites an official records that you have so meticulously planted in these web pages. Not to forget the frustrations of finding no further updates etc,.

Whatever your reasons for abandoning this process is no matter, as your continued work till 2009 is a great by itself.

I am very much in facination of the Student implementation of Satellite Technology, and would like to see your work in a state of continuity, from where you have stopped ( 2009).
Please let me know if I can help to further your initiative and how.

I would volunteer to do the hard work in that direction, and probably host your pages on my website.

Please treat this as an appreciation of your work and an attempt to keep the ball rolling that you have set in motion years ago.

With warm Regards and best wishes,

Dr. G. Venkatesh, VU2COC
Net alias: docel
bangalorerobotics- Docel Radio Research

Allan Okoth Kenya plan
10-06-10 11:14:09


Thank you for the CubeSat resource. It is quite useful as I try to galvanize a CubeSat mission for Kenya. See my website [link removed].


Wanda Looking for new missions
18-03-10 07:05:25

This is good, but I was looking for new missions, not done yet.
Because we are to participle in a project and we need a new mission, if you please find a new mission that is not done yet let me know.
My email is wantorrespupr () gmail () com
thanks for your help
jacky Great site
16-02-10 22:03:35

this site is great!.it helps for my research papers good work! [link removed]
Fathurrahman Missing Links
08-02-10 14:42:15

Some links are dead :D
Fathurrahman Cool
08-02-10 14:40:15

This page is cool, very useful :)
muhyi thank
04-01-10 06:28:02

very useful information here,can i use this info in my literature? Thank you very much

Leeboy Useful page, thank you
25-12-09 13:30:06

There are much useful information here! Thank you very much
Frank Zhang Thanks a lot!
17-11-09 09:31:26

You did a good job.I think we could build it together.
Javier Thanks!!!
13-10-09 22:29:38

Thanks for the list!!!
Great work.
You Helped me a lot.


Neha Thank You
08-08-09 21:35:02

great work
thanks a lot it was really helpful!!!
er.nwadhwa06 () yahoo () com
Zeno Wahl CubeSat Summary
17-06-09 21:59:36

I have been cruising the web for CubeSat Comms related data and have found limited information about a few missions. They I stumbled upon your site - WOW! So much work here - thanks for sharing it on the web, I really appreciated it!
John WY1S Thanks
05-06-09 14:49:33

Thank you for all the work you have done to bring this information together in one place. I found it enormously useful.
Nader thank you wounderful site
16-04-09 21:28:22

very nice and Great work
Nader , st2nh
HP Radiodelingen 1996
22-02-09 20:57:23

Hej Thomsen.... Radiodelingen leder efter gamle medlemmer.....mvh HP PS: Er du med på Facebook bølgen...? Linde, Robertsen, TK, Schacke og Persson er med....
balabhaskar thx
25-12-08 18:52:18

great resource for the new comers into the space,really thankful for your effort and pain, the interest shown to us,kindly give the e-mail reply to me, how i can also design a cube sat and and i can send my satellite to the space, what are the permissions and grants required for it. i am just a normal student inspired by this idea by your site.
i am residing in INDIA, as a INDIAN citizen, how i can send the satellite i.e a cube sat or smaller than that into space, how i will launch the satellite, control it, getting the data and analysis of it, setting its orbit etc,

kindly show the path of light and guide me at your best,

waiting for your reply
with a happy wishes for X-MAS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR-2009
my e-mail address is kbalabhaskar () gmail () com

waiting for your warm response

yours truly
David mission summary
17-12-08 12:20:58

Hi. What a great resource!
Thanks for collating all that info. I'll send some data on the ESEO LEO mission currently under construction.
saurabh s your page was very useful!
30-11-08 11:57:33

hey u have done pretty good job.
it was very useful to me. thanks!
chenguang Thank you
21-10-08 11:43:00

Thanks a lot for your collection of CubeSat stuff. It's quite useful for me.
Neji Bilel Thanx
01-10-08 12:41:58

Thanks a lot man. Your web site will be very helpfull for me...
Saad ali Malik Thanks
25-07-08 22:44:21

Hi, thanks for the compilation, since its fantastic and easier to go through, with most of the details covered... i always refer to your page for finding CUBESAT based mission information ... thanks again

Cheers -- Saad
steve cubesat-dat
18-07-08 17:27:30

Fantastic work on compiling the CubeSat missions - thanks!
Sushil Thanks
18-03-08 15:30:25

Thanks a lot dude.. Your site helped me a lot...
Niki Thanks!!!!
09-12-07 02:40:32

Thanks abunch for your website. It saved me hours of searching.

Michael Jensen Great site, and introducing Sedsat-2
22-04-07 06:06:30


I am the ADC Subsystem Lead for Sedsat-2: http://wiki.seds.org/index.php/SEDSAT-2 .

Being in the process of discovering the cubesat world from scratch, I have and am finding your site highly useful, and only feel badly that we did not discover it earlier!

Cheers, Mike :)
Rob Roy W4PZA great summary
24-01-07 02:02:31

thanks for all your work on collecting the informntion.....they are propagating like rabbits.....Rob

Thor Wilson Thanks for the info
09-08-06 01:16:19

I want to thank you for gathering this information, it has and will continue to help Auburn University in its attempt to add to the list of successful cubesats.

Thor Wilson

Dan Henry Thanks!
17-03-06 21:48:28


I just wanted to say a quick thanks for putting up this page.

I was one of 2 student lead systems engineers for ICEcube long ago when it was conceived at the University of Washington and not yet called ICEcube. I have been following it's progress online over the last few years and recently found your page to be helpful.

Dan Henry

Michael Thomsen Time to start over!
01-12-2005 00:00:00

I've removed all the old messages as they were a bit outdated.
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