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Last updated: December 28th, 2002
Harry Potter, Book 5
  • New DADA teacher: New character (like the previos books the DADA teacher will be introduced before Harry arrives at Hogwarts (as Quirrel, Lockhart, Lupin, and Moody were))
  • Snape will spy against Voldemort, therefore we'll see a New Potions teacher: Fleur Delacour. This will add a little change to the potions lessons. Previously (almost) everybody hated potions, but now everyone arrives 10 minutes early for the classes in order to get the best seats (though I'm sure that Harry, Ron, and Hermione will, at least once, take the seats in the back).
  • Care of Magical Creatures teacher: Hagrid (he will finish his task over the summer)
  • New Gryffindor Quiddich captain: One of the Creevey brothers (probably the youngest one). It's not going to be anyone obvious JKR has said, and I don't think it is going to be Neville, since I think he is going to be a professor later on.
  • Miss Arabella Figgs is Harrys secret keeper at Privet drive (that's why no one could touch him there). This adds another cool twist to the story: Is the Dursley's extreme anti-magic obsession due to this spell? Or would they still hate magic to the same extend if the spell wasn't cast?
  • Dumbledore gets sacked. Someone else (a terrible person) gets the job assigned by Mr. Fudge. The Slytherins will love him/her in the beginning, but later on they too will realise what is happening. The new headmaster may be the one Draco and Harry join up against in book 6.
Harry Potter, Book 6
  • Harry gets expelled (this had to happen sooner or later). He will be expelled at the time when:
  • Dumbledore dies. He can't die in book 5 since there is way too much stuff Harry (and we) doesn't know anything about yet, and Dumbledore is the only one that can explain it (at least so far). Furthermore Dumbledore /has/ to die - otherwise Harry would be protected forever, and there wouldn't be any worrying about his survival later on - especially in book 7.
Harry Potter, Book 7
  • New Herbology teacher: Neville (the one subject he is doing good at (see book 4)) - I'm really looking forward to see him as a discreet professor.
The End (of book 7)
  • Fight between Voldemort and Harry. Both dies. Why am I sure about that? JKR wrote this chapter even before the first book was finished - how could she do that if it wasn't due to a finalization of some sort. I mean 'and they lived happily ever after' wouldn't make much sense.
  • The one death that JKR talks about being terrible to write can only be: Hermione's. Firstly, it can't be Harry's death as she wrote that one long ago (the last chapter of book 7). Secondly she has said that she identifies herself with Hermione (her and me is one) - she was the easiest character to write, and writing your own death has got to be tough.
  • Harry's scar vanishes. The final words could be: "Ron looked at Harry ... there were no longer a scar".
  • A possible ending could be that Ron and Hermione (and Cho) have been killed, and therefore Harry seems to be back to the beginning (of book 1) in a world where he has no friends. He's therefore going to confront Voldemort in a tremendous fight where both of them dies. This actually seems a very likely ending to me.
The Main Plot
I really miss some discussions about the main plot. Here are some thoughts:
  • What is Voldemort's goal? I don't think that it is something as plain as 'world domination' - it seems too oldfashioned and too used to me. Immortality has been seen before too, but it seems still more likely after the current development of the story.
  • And why is Voldemort after Harry? Has he seen that Harry is going to be his downfall, and therefore he wanted to kill him as a baby (thereby making the prophecy true)?
  • Or could it be an old family fight? We know that Voldemort is Slytherins heir. Is Harry Gryffindors Heir? (Slytherin and Gryffindor had some disagreements about running the school back then). Many points suggests that Harry is Gryffindors Heir. He pulls Gryffindors sword out of the hat ("Only a true Gryffindor could have done that" according to Dumbledore), his birthday, the sparks from his wand...
  • If that's true, then Harry's father is the Heir of Gryffindor too, since Harry's mother didn't have to die.
  • It is possible that Slytherin did a curse that made his visions pass down the family, and Gryffindor got suspicious and did the same (so that Slytherin's ideas didn't take over completely). This would mean that: Harry can't die until he gets a heir - that could be why Voldemorts spell backfired long ago. This connection is also suggested due to the similarities of their wands (Pheonix = immortality). I'm still guessing that Harry will be very desperate in the end of book 7, and therefore will face Voldemort, killing them both. This would then cancel the ancient spells of Slytherin and Gryffindor.
  • This is most likely not right for two reasons: Voldemort tells Harry to join him OR die when he just got the Philosopher's Stone in book 1, and Dumbledore stated clearly (also in book 1) that the reason Harry survived was due to the love of his mother.
Who was killed first?
In book 1 Voldemort says (final chapter): "... I killed your father first and he put up a courageous fight ... but your mother needn't have died ..."

In book 4 James' ghost arrives before Lily meaing that Harry's mother died first.

The part in book 4 is said to have been changed in later editions.

Harry's family

  • Harry is a halfblood! This has been mentioned by Tom Riddle in book 2, and by Hagrid in book 4 (end of the "Rita Skeeter's Scoop" chapter). Many people claim that the sentence in book 2 must have been a mistake, but why would JKR make the same mistake again in book 4?
  • Harry's mother was a Mudblood
  • Then Harry's father must have been a Muggle, but he went to Gryffindor - (possible making him the heir of Gryffindor if the above assumptions are correct)

This leaves us with a contradiction. What's wrong? I don't know.

Why 3 kids could get to the Philosophers Stone when other grown-up wizards couldn't.

  1. No one else wanted to get to it - and the one that did almost got it anyway.
  2. They were 3
  3. The key task may have been easier due to the broken wing on the key
  4. The troll was already slain
  5. Logic is NOT a common wizard skill
  6. And still Quirrel couldn't get the stone (yet Harry could, clever kid)
Point 4 suggests that the puzzels weren't being reset, and therefore the wing of the key wasn't broken to begin with.