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Last updated: August 20th, 2003
FREE Stuff!

Micro Technological Corp.
has created some very interesting programs, including In-a-Flash and Boot2C.

Pascal Runtime Error 200 patcher.
Download the program to remove the Runtime Error 200 preventing Borland Pascal .exe files to run on fast computers.
You can read this for futher information.

FTP Explorer
has the same userinterface as the well-known Explorer from Windows 95. This makes it an easy-to use ftp-program.
It requires Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Version 1.0 er forøvrigt blevet oversat til dansk.

IconLock by ZD-Net
IconLock is another of the nifty little tools that you simply must have (this one is free). My icons on the Windows desktop are arranged with internet programs in one corner, my programming tools in another, and games in a third. The problem is that whenever Windows fucks up (or the resolution is changed) all the icons are "automatically rearranged". This program lets you restore your favorite icon layout of the desktop icons.

OpenOffice - A free StarOffice
When Sun acquired Stardivision they made StarOffice 5.x free to everyone. Of course this couldn't last - StarOffice 6.x is not free. Sun did, however, make part of the source code open, and therefore openOffice and similar suites could develop. OpenOffice is an almost exact copy of StarOffice 6, except for the lack of the database and tons of Clip Art that no-one ever used anyway.

This program is a much more advanced taskmanager than the one supplied with Windows 9x/ME. It lets you see a lot of information about the running programs, including cpu-time used, complete list of processes, memory used, priority, dll's used etc.