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All programs are subject to a 30 day trial period

Commercial Use
Each commercial license entitles you to use the program on ONE computer. If you want to install the program on several computers you'll have to buy a license for each computer. Alternatively if you are going to use the program on many computers you can buy a corporate license which allows you to use the program on any number of computers within the organization.

Private Use
Each home license entitles you to use the program on your personal computer(s). This includes all computers in the household, including laptops. Furthermore all residents of the household may use the software on said computers.

Common Notes for Both Commercial and Private Use
You may use the program on several different operating systems on the same computer. Each registration entitles you to use all future versions on all operatingsystems of the program (currently only Windows is supported).

The registration doesn't include any new features as we want to let the customers try the complete program before buying.

Notes on Payment
We're currently having BMT Micro handling the money transaction. Therefore you'll be taken to their site when you register.

Last updated: December 11th, 2006.