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Boot2C - [Download]
Have you ever left a disk in your floppy-drive, and turned off your computer? And next time you use your computer you'll get the annoying This disk is not bootable - error? This little utility will help you to remove that message.

When you have used this program on your floppy-disk, you will simply see the message: Redirecting boot to C:, and the computer continues to boot from your harddisk, just the way, it should be!

OS: Any (DOS installer)
Size: 20 Kb.
Requires: Nothing special.
Registration: Free.

Windows 3.1x:

Autoload for Windows 3.1x - Release 2 - [Download]
Ever wanted to insert a CD-ROM in you drive, and see the program pop up automatically in a second, or two? No, you don't have to use Windows 95, this program does the same under Windows 3.1x! It even works if the cd isn't prepared for autoload, or if the programfiles are located on your harddisk. In other words: You can insert all of your old CD-ROMs and see the programs start automatically.

New features of Release 2:
The Caldera DR-OpenDOS bug has been fixed. Autoload now works under that operating system too.

OS: Windows 3.1x - ONLY!
Size: 300 Kb.
Requires: A CD-ROM drive.
Registration: Free.

Windows 9x, ME, and 2000:

Clock for Windows - Release 2 - [Download]
This program shows an analog clock in a circular window.

OS: Windows 95 or newer
Size: 190 Kb.
Requires: Nothing special.
Registration: Free.

Countdown for Windows - [Download]
This program shows the remaining number of seconds to an event specified by the user.
OS: Windows 95 or newer
Size: 200 Kb.
Requires: Nothing special.
Registration: Free.

Last updated: December 12th, 2000.