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Frequently Asked Questions...

... About Autoload:

Q: Autoload gives some strange errors, running with Caldera DR-OpenDOS, what does it mean?

A: There was a bug in the first release of Autoload that prevented the program from running under Caldera DR-OpenDOS. The second release was made to fix the problem. You can download it at our download-page.

... About Boot2C:

Q: How do I uninstall Boot2C, so that I can boot on my floppy again?

A: It's unfortunately more or less impossible to create a general uninstall program, due to the various operating systems with which BOOT2C can be used.

Assuming that you're using MS-DOS or Windows, you can do the following:

Option 1:
Run the command

from the commandline. This will copy the systemfiles (io.sys, msdos.sys, and command.com) to your floppy AND overwrite the bootrecord, where BOOT2C resides, thereby removing BOOT2C from the floppy.

Option 2:
Copy the files you need from the floppy, and format the disk as a systemdisk, then copy the files back to the floppy.

Last updated: April 30th, 2001.