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In-a-Flash for Windows - Release 3 - [Download] - [Localization] - [Register]
In-a-Flash is a small utility that lets you run your favorite programs by pressing as little as two keys on the keyboard, or by pressing one button on the mouse. You only have to move your mouse over the icon in the lower-right corner of your desktop, and the programlist will popup.

You can run almost anything, including: Programs, documents, email addresses, and URLs to homepages, FTP sites etc.

It is easy to add new programs to the list. Just use drag-n-drop on a Windows Shortcut and all neccessary information is entered. All icons, hotkeys etc are userdefineable. You can even hide the icon from your System Tray if you prefer to use hotkeys only.

OS: Windows 95 or newer
Size: 320 Kb.
Requires: Nothing special.
Registration: US $10 - Register here.

Notes about registration
This program is distributed as SHAREWARE. This gives you the right to try the program for a period of 30 days. If you decide to continue using the program after the end of the trial-period you'll have to register the program. Otherwise you MUST uninstall the program.

Each registration entitles you to use all future versions on all operatingsystems of this program on one computer (currently only Windows is supported).

The registration doesn't include any new features as we want you to try the complete program before buying.

Improvements in Release 3
- Full support for multiple monitors
- Preview window when editing the list of programs
- The icon drawing routine has been improved
- Release 2 language modules are ignored, please download a new module for release 3 see below

Bugs fixed in Release 3
- A bug that on rare occations corrupted the flash.dat file
- An error occured when a separator was added to an empty list

Improvements in Release 2
- Localization, see below
- Large icons/buttons (32x32)
- Warns if a hotkey is already in use
- Hotkeys are now shown in the programlist
- Uninstallprogram asks if the datafile should be erased

Bugs fixed in Release 2
- Helpfile not found error
- Filename shown instead of hint when hitting OK in the Add/Edit Dialogs
- An error occured when quiting Windows and the last Add/Edit Dialog contained an invalid filename

WARNING - Important note when updating
DO NOT uninstall Release 1 before installing a later release. If you do so you’ll loose your preferences and your list of programs.

Localization of In-a-Flash
In-a-Flash has currently only been translated into Danish. You can help us translating the program into your native language, see below.

Language: Release: Size (Kb): Translated by: Submitted:
Danish 3 10 Michael Thomsen February 25th 2002

Get a free registration of In-a-Flash by translating the program into your native language
If you want to help us translate In-a-Flash into your native language we'll pay you with a free registration of In-a-Flash. If you're interested please use our contact form.

Last updated: February 25th, 2002